Photo Magician

Photo Magician 2.3

Photo Magician is a batch image conversion program

Photo Magician is a batch image conversion program. Basically, it can add modifications like resizing, adding an effect, and saving the files under a different format. It has a user friendly design and a quick convert mode. The program is available in many different languages.

The program's layout has changed since the previous versions. Its features are now all categorized on the left side of the screen, with the options placed in the middle. The input, output destinations and the quick convert mode are located on the top, as well as the language tab.

There are more options now. You can add effects like sepia,grayscale or negative, rotate or flip images. You can even choose to exclude certain images, although the options are limited: It is only possible to choose images that are smaller than a certain resolution or size and the ones that have been modified before a certain date.

Similar programs have a preview feature where you can see the pictures you want to modify with the added effects, before you convert them. Photo Magician only shows the preview while you are converting them, which isn't all that good. Another thing that bothered me was that it is impossible to make a selection of several files from a folder. You can add them one by one using the quick convert feature, or you can add whole folders at once.

Ultimately, it is a good program which can aid anyone in looking to convert images in an easy and simple fashion.

Dennis Niels
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  • Easy to use
  • Nice Quick Convert feature
  • Good design


  • You cannot preview the pictures with the added modifications before converting them
  • You cannot make a selection of images within a folder
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